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Photography is the most popular medium that captures life as goes by. Travelling, visiting a new place, important events and tender moments; every time such incidents come up one surely feels like capturing it for posterity. A pictured shared with someone dear to you living somewhere else or simply putting your favourite picture framed in your drawing room can give you a distinct identity.

There are no other top colleges for photography quite like the Fame institute’s With a passionate focus on the practical elements of photography, Fame institute empowers students to master not only the essential photography basics taught by any other good photography schools, but also the technical and business practices that will set them apart in their professional photography career.

But the challenge of taking a good photograph is not just being there at that very moment; it’s also about aesthetically evocative composition and choosing technically sound exposure setting and shutter speed. One has to understand the magical interplay of light, shadow and colour to create magic in a frame.

Photography Curriculum

The students get theoretical as well as technical inputs on key skills that are required for Photography Syllabus such as:-

  • Exposure to different types of camera’s used in the field
  • Working on Professional SLR camera’s
  • Understanding of Technically like Shutter Speed, Aperture Focusing, Different Lenses, etc.
  • Different formats such as RAW, JPEG, TIFF…
  • Indoor and Outdoor Photoghaphy.
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  • Working on Live Projects and Assignments.
  • Documentation of Significant events, places, people and objects.
  • Lighting setups for Fashion Photoghaphy and flash Photoghaphy with Speed lights.
  • Learn Skin Cleanup and Picture Enhancement techniques in adobe Photoshop.

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  • This Program preps students for mainstream modelling in various fields be it Fashion, Ramp, Product etc.


  • Applicant should have cleared Primary School.

Course Duration

  • Duration: 3 Months / 6 Months / 1 Year