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Understanding one’s own body & mind: A good acting class can help you identify your body’s strength and limitations as an actor, and thus help you draft your own unique set of exercises to improve. The multitude of exercises and training sessions, helps a person know about their mind, body & voice deeply.


Learning in real Film Production companies gives you the work experience that is so valued by the Film Industry; and second—learning in the real world also gives you the chance to form working relationships and industry connections 


Photography is the most popular medium that captures life as goes by. Travelling, visiting a new place, important events and tender moments; every time such incidents come up one surely feels like capturing it for posterity. A pictured shared with someone dear to you living somewhere else or simply putting your favourite picture framed in your drawing room can give you a distinct identity.


The term ‘Modeling’ covers a vast and varied area of endeavor and not just the high fashion modeling popularized on TV. If one is looking to become a “professional model” you need a positive money stream or more money coming in then going out

Radio Jockey course 

  • Diction, Accent, Intonation, Modulation, Variation
  • Script writing for Radio Program/Promo/Jingle/Advt
  • Presenting script as RJ with modulation
  • Role play for how to interact with Listeners over the phone
  • Designing n conceptualizing of Radio Show 
  • Understanding how to lend voice for Advt/Jingle/Promo/RJ Mention
  • How to prepare n Understand songs genre and other music n film related info
  • Understanding Radio Program Production
  • Understanding On Air Do’s n Don’ts
  • Understanding Broadcasting and Radio station infrastructure n Management

Learn from well experienced faculties

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The Fame Institute


At Fame Institute, we believe in the trans-formative power of the dramatic arts and the value to society of creativity, innovation and authentic, confident communication. As a world-leading conservatoire and globally recognized awarding body, we are proud to offer exceptional training to creative artists and technicians; and empower people of all ages and backgrounds through our examinations in drama, literature, musical theater 


Suraj Deshpande

“I joined fame institute through ma friend for film making courses and I found best professional team with full of support and guidance with best infrastructure and best Industry expert”

Siddhesh Jadhav

“Amazing experience and fully support from fame institute made me to believe in that yes I can reach up to my dream.”

Sagar kothawade

“Perfect destination to live your dream and passion thank you fame institute to give me self realization and motivation with perfect guidance and training for direction”

About Us

The Fame Institute

The FAME Institute was founded in 2013 to forge a new generation of theater-makers; actor-creator-entrepreneurs professionally trained to perform and create work to a higher global standard of storytelling. Our alumni are all highly active – founding theater groups, acting in award-winning plays, working in films as well as applying their craft in education and corporate-training.

We work with a faculty comprising of the best theater practitioners – actors, playwrights, directors, theater designers and producers.

Armed with fundamental skills in performance, direction and producing, our graduates embark on making their own livings and careers in the theatrical arts, contributing to a gradual development of the sector with work that aims to be of a higher standard for all audiences.